Adam’s Media Diary 17/01/11

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Adam Hodnett in Uncategorized

I’m able to wake up late on Mondays, so The Q comes on my alarm-clock radio at 10am. I take my time and get up to campus for 12:30.

After some food I sit down at 2:30 and check emails on my iPod. I do some of my class readings in JDH and move to the McCain building to open up my computer for 30 minutes before another class.

Firefox loads to my iGoogle homepage. I have my gmail and hotmail in two boxes on the left side; a to-do list, google notes, and google docs in boxes in the center column; and Twitter and Google Reader on the right side. A second tab automatically opens to Google Rader for RSS feeds.

My RSS feeds keep me up to date with any changes on the websites that I subscribe to. I follow, the media co-ops, four different sections of the Globe and Mail, five sections of Maclean’s, The New Yorker, The National Film Board, a couple of my friend’s blogs, and a few websites that I’m just testing out.

I also checked Facebook,, and Any articles that interest me get saved with instapaper so that I can read them on my iPod when I don’t have internet access, or online later through Google Reader.

After class I spent another 30 minutes on RSS Feeds, Twitter, and Facebook. I read or watch whichever headlines catch my attention

I listened to Peter, Bjorn, and John on my iPod during my 20-minute walk home, and then called my parents over Skype.

I finished the last episode of Wild China on while making supper. I then made the mistake of watching the Vice Guide to Travel episode on Liberia while eating.

I listen to the same album as I walk across town again. I end the night watching an episode Six Feet Under on Megavideo.

My day is completely powered by the internet. I can’t stand cable, I only use a cell phone for texts, and I’m getting use to reading on my iPod. I do buy newspapers, but usually only the Saturday editions, and I probably buy a couple magazines every month. I always have one leisure book on top of my school readings, but I sometimes have to go weeks without looking at it.


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