Alyssa Mosher’s media diary

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Alyssa Mosher in #1 Media Diary


Today was like any other Tuesday.

I woke up to the sound of my cellphone alarm. It can be pretty annoying, so I snoozed it for about half an hour. Then I slowly rolled out of bed and hit the shower.

After that I had some breakfast and read some old flyers – Canadian Tire and Zellers, of course. They always come separate from the rest of the pack. Then I finished getting ready and headed out the door with my mP3 player in my ears.

Broadcast class is where the technology really started to kick into my day. As usual, I entered the CBC class (with my technological pass) to the sound of the CBC Newsworld. Then Christine went through a PowerPoint that was on her computer, but showed up on the television. Whoa! Then we did some research for our upcoming stories, so I also used one of the computers at the CBC centre. After broadcast, I listened to my mP3 player some more and headed to lunch. After lunch I had to use the computer AGAIN while using my mP3 player some more.

After I finished my work on the computer I had to meet a professor in his office. While I was waiting for him to finish up in another meeting, I browsed through an awesome  issue of MacLean’s Magazine. I didn’t use technology again until I got back to my house later this evening. I used my laptop to write this blog (obviously) and I watched Lost (eek) on the television. Oh, and I’ve been randomly texting most of the day. Nothing too crazy. I’d say no more than… 50 messages.

Now I’m heading to bed. The usual – setting my cellphone alarm and falling asleep to Friends playing on my computer.



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