Danie’s Web Diary

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Danie Pitre in #1 Media Diary

I don’t own a TV and although I do read the paper when I go into work, the majority of my news comes from the internet. I have traded newscasts for brief youtube clips or political pundit prime time shows which I watch online from a stream. Most of my news gathering is finding an interesting story and then jumping from one news site to another to get more in depth information.  Here is a look at my day:

My first dose of media today was Facebook. I checked for morning updates from Rachel Maddow’s page, see if they have any interesting links. I also checked Media Matters.

Then I checked CBC, I started with local stories, then countrywide, and then I looked at the science and technology news.

Next I checked my youtube subscriptions for new videos from the Young Turks. Often I will find a story that interests me and I will look into it further by checking other news sites. Today however were mostly stories I had already read up on yesterday.

Generally I am monitoring the media throughout the day by quickly visiting websites for headlines. At lunch time visited Fark.com to check out the crazy under the radar stories.

I also checked Huffington Post, NPR and MSNBC to follow up on stories like the Arizona shooting.

When there are developing stories like the shooting I am much more diligent on checking for updates and I will visit the same websites in a loop for a couple hours if I can devote the time to it.

At night I have a general routine, at 9pm I watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann and then Rachel Maddow at 10pm. I watch MSNBC through an online stream and it has a live chat function which gives you a live forum for comments for watchers.

I also have a twitter account which I rarely check for breaking news. I mostly use it to monitor the New Brunswick politics scene through the NBpoli hashtag but as a passive observer.



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