Hilary’s Media Blog Post

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Hilary Paige Smith in Uncategorized

I’m not proud to admit it, but media rules my life.

I am constantly checking my email, the Internet news feeds and my Blackberry for information that is either related to the world or my life directly. My overuse of online resources has also made me an adept multi-tasker.

I wake up in the morning and, after showering and getting semi-ready, I turn on my computer. Before I even hit the shower, my Blackberry is on and ready to go. I get email, Twitter and Facebook notifications sent directly to my phone and when I wake up, I know exactly what is going on in my online “social life.”

When I’m finally functioning enough in the morning to get on the Internet, I will go to both my email, Facebook and Twitter to make sure there is nothing I missed in my brief skim of these social networks first thing in the morning.

After my lengthy, half-hour walk to school, I will check my phone before going into class, usually checking only my email and Facebook notifications. It’s rare that I have anything in that time period, but for some reason, I feel drawn to checking it anyway.

Because my phone is silent, I can usually manage to stay away from it in a class environment.

When I am either at home, or sitting in my office at work, I usually have atleast one social networking feed on the go. My Facebook is usually open, but relatively untouched while I do homework, or surf the Internet. I don’t know how much of a distraction it really is for me, because I’ve been using them so long and so consistently.

I also regularly check newsfeeds, primarily through Twitter lists, Google News and the Globe and Mail. I have the Globe and Mail newsfeed application on my Blackberry, which I check maybe 10 times or so throughout the day. If I was to estimate my daily usage of the Internet, social networks and newsfeeds, it would probably total anywhere from six to eight hours of my day.

As a news editor, I could not live without the Internet. Whenever I hear buzz about news or new headlines, I feel compelled to check them almost immediately, something that couldn’t be done without accessible and mobile Internet.



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