Maria Acle’s Media Diary

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Maria Acle in #1 Media Diary

Today is Tuesday, and I make myself wake up after my cell phone alarm goes off at 8.30 am. After showering I walk (in a very zombie like way) to my kitchen to make myself breakfast. I have this TV in my living room, and you can actually listen to it from my kitchen. I turn it on until I get to CBC News. While I cook I listen, and every time a story catches my attention I sit down for a little bit to absorb it.

Once my breakfast is down I sit down in my living room, still having the TV on. I pull out my laptop and begin to open my typical news websites, which I have bookmarked for my convenience. While I eat, and simultaneously start to zone off the TV, I begin to read the headlines of news websites such as CBC, CBC New Brunswick, The New York Times and BBC World News.

Today I had time to go through my news websites from back home. My father generally sends me at least five links to stories from either Uruguay or Brazil. I try to stay always up to date, and honestly, I thought it was going to be harder. Everything is pretty much handed to you for free. However, my father had to pay a subscription fee in order to read El País, which is Uruguay’s national newspaper. So in order for me to access its content entirely I have to enter my father’s account with them. I also check what is happening in Brazil by going into, and I also really quickly read my local newspaper from my city: Zero Hora.

Once I’m done I get my stuff and go catch the bus. I put on my headphones to listen to some music on my ipod. After broadcasting class I go to campus.

Once I’m on campus, one of my friend’s texts me and I find out my next class was cancelled. I might admit it was a great feeling. I go back to my house. I open my emails and finally find my dad’s four articles that he has picked today for me to read. I scan through them.

I get my gym clothes and run to the bus stop. I get to the gym and do my work out for a bit more than an hour. Once I’m out, I go to the George Martin caf and I have lunch with my friend. I then catch my bus home, and read some headlines on my blackberry while on the bus.

I get to my house and I decide I need to do groceries. I go to the Superstore and two steps in, I run into Jacques Poitras. He is pretty much a walking news cast. We say ‘hi’ and he asks me if I enjoyed my Communication class last year with his wife. We have a little conversation about the program. Once it was over he went back to putting his headphones on and reading something on his Blackberry. That reminds me that I should check his Twitter page.

Once I am paying for my food I see the January edition of Vogue. I grab it, feeling guilty because I have no money and I shouldn’t buy it. I still do it.

I head back home and the TV is already on because my roommates are home. While having supper I text a couple of my friends.

I did check Facebook like a million times during the days, but I figured that by now that is everyone’s case. I do it pretty much every night before going to bed.


  1. Mike C says:

    It is a great thing be to able to check on the news from back home. Can you imagine if your Dad had to snail mail you the 4 articles he selected?

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