Media Diary by Shane Fowler

Posted: January 19, 2011 by shanefowler2 in #1 Media Diary

Shane Fowler January 13 , 2011

Media Diary


The alarm on the cell phone goes off at 8 AM, and the snooze button is hit at least once. Once coherent, I pick up the phone and go through my e-mails, both my personal and Saint Thomas accounts. I check text messages as well as quickly checking on my Globe and Mail app, and decide to read an article before I even leave the bed.

While cooking breakfast I put CTV NewsNet on the television to check for any big or pressing headlines. Today’s big topic is the death of a Toronto police officer by a rampaging snowplow. While eating, I switch the television over to play music off of my xbox that streams off of my netbook. During this time I go through my usual tech websites for news (, ) Facebook and Hotmail also get checked out during this time. I also send and receive multiple text messages during this time period as well. Multiple media forms on different mediums are being digested, as well as breakfast.

Driving to school for a 10 o’clock class, the radio is on 105.3 The Fox. They go over local news before continuing on with playing Rock and Roll. I reply to a pair of text messages as well as I drive.

During class, I use my phone to input an assignment that is due next week into my digital agenda. I also check an email on my phone. Any e-mails that I receive are forwarded directly to my phone every 15 minutes. Also during class I use my net-book to check resources that the prof is talking about on Moodle. I also check Webadvisor on my netbook religiously during this class to see if a spot has opened up for a class I am attempting to register for. Wikipedia is also used to check a term that the prof used that I am unfamiliar with. “Vetting,” a process of examination and evaluation, who knew!? All notes that I take for the class are written in “Tree-book notebooks.” There is no textbook for the class as all material is provided by power-point slides which are later available on Moodle as well as the class’ wiki page.

After class, I go to the study hall to write a paper, all done on my netbook. I play music on my netbook simultaneously. I use Grooveshark, ( ) a website that streams music of my choosing off of the internet and saves your play-list so nothing needs to be downloaded and/or stolen. During this study time, I am constantly texting back and forth to multiple recipients. I also check out a few news worthy video clips that were recommend by a friend of the previous nights “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as a short break in the writing. Two e-mails are sent during this study time. I also check my piddly “available funds” in my bank account online. I then e-mail the finished assignment to myself to open and print at the STU computer lab.

After another class where my net-book and phone are used in similar fashion as the one preceding it I drive home listening to the radio (same station, 105.3 The Fox.)

That evening, I watch some television. All the programs watched are downloaded from the internet and then streamed from the netbook through an xbox 360 console and watched on the television in the living room. My apartment has limited cable included (22 channels,) but nothing offered is of any interest other then the news, so anything we want to watch is downloaded using torrents. This is not the most legal of options, but it is cheaper then paying for 2 channels we want and 60 we don’t. Later that evening I play some video games on my xbox ( I play online and using chat features I play with 3 friends who live in Lincoln, New Brunswick, as well as Moose Jaw, Alberta and Petawawa, Ontario. We shoot at complete strangers for an hour or two after which the day is over. Daily Show and Colbert Report are on the television in the bedroom which is on “Sleep Mode” and will turn itself off long after I am asleep.

During the entirety of the day, January 13th, 2011 my phone has never been further then an arms length away, and although it has been used all day long for texting, applications, internet, and alarm clock, it has never once rang or been used to make a phone call.



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