Media Diary – Melissa Dickinson

Posted: January 19, 2011 by melissadickinson in #1 Media Diary

My day starts when the insistent buzzing of my alarm clock next to my bed goes off at 8:15am. Without a moment of hesitation, the snooze button is hit at least twice in the next 20 minutes. After dragging myself out of bed and to the shower, I spend the next 30 minutes catching up on what happened while I was asleep through the night. I check my emails on my Mac in which all of my emails are forwarded to my Gmail account, so as to make my daily email checking a one-stop shop. I turn my Blackberry on, but have no new text messages from contacts overnight. Last but not least, I check my Facebook. I had notifications concerning “likes” on my status’ posted while spending a lovely evening at the Cellar with friends. As it is every morning, ten of my 30 minutes spent on my computer in the morning is checking in, or “creeping” if you will, on my friends. Not much interesting happening in the world Facebook this particular morning.


My two morning classes both take advantage of the projection machines in the classroom while conducting their lecture with PowerPoint presentations. My notes are written in paper notebooks, as I tend to get quite distracted if I have a computer in front of me during class time. I swiftly check my Blackberry two or three times throughout the duration of each class. I do, however, refrain from responding to any text messages until the end of the class.


I spend the afternoon watching movies on my Mac that I have downloaded through torrents on As well, I catch up on some readings out of textbooks and paper handouts that I have fallen behind on. While doing readings, I stream music from in order to focus my mind and keep myself from getting distracted by social networking sites like Facebook and Tumblr.


My evenings are generally spent socializing with friends in the cafeteria and in residence. Throughout the day I am constantly checking emails, Facebook and my Blackberry. I’m frequently sending text messages, and tonight I used my Blackberry to make a phone call home. I very rarely use the Internet to get my daily news update. Therefore, as I finish writing this media diary I am preparing for bed and watching CTV News in order to knowledge myself about the goings on in the Maritimes.

These are only some of the major uses of media and technology that I encountered throughout the day. I have never taken the time to fully comprehend how much media and technology I consume in a day. I found that a large part of my day was spent sitting in front of a computer. After conducting this experiment, I feel like I’ll be more aware of how I conduct my day to day activities.


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