Sara Power – Media Diary

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Sara Power in #1 Media Diary

Tuesday, Jan. 18: It’s Tuesday, and I am taking a sick day, so my media intake might actually be more than usual today. I’m up early, unable to sleep.

9:30 Check facebook and email (gmail and stu)
9:41 Twitter.
9:50 CBC News Online – Newfoundland
9:54 CBC New Online
9:57 CBC News Online – New Brunswick
9:58 The Globe and Mail Online
10:27 The Western Star Online
10:30 Telegraph Journal and The Daily Gleaner Online
10:33 Quick check on the Aquinian Online.
[This hour is me catching up on all of my usual news sites, I’ ve been slacking lately. I browse the headlines, start reading a bunch of stories, though I usually only make it a few paragraphs in, and it either catches my interest or bores me. There are a few very interesting stories today, though.]
10:35 Twitter (I get most of my news headlines on twitter, by the way.)

10:37 Check text messages: 5 from CBCAlerts (Twitter)

10:38 Facebook: I have one notification.
10:40… it’s cold outside today. -17
10:42-11:27 Watch latest episode of House online.
11:29 My hand automatically clicks on Facebook. There is nothing new.

11:30 – Read Acts I & II of Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy. If I’m going to take a sick day, I might as well try to be productive. This is when I get out of bed to find something to eat.

12:45 – TV (CBC News) Sometime after watching a very publicized, HUGE funeral, I nap for two hours.

3:30 CBC News. Find food. And now let’s leave the house. Fresh air is good. So I take a trip to Second Cup for Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate.
6:48 Facebook + Twitter + Be lazy.

8:45 I drag myself to the mall with my friends to see a movie: The King’s Speech. [It’s very good, I reccommend it, definitely. Colin Firth is an amazing actor. The cast is terrific, as is the soundtrack.]

11:20 Facebook, email while watching TV: Criminal Minds
12:00 – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
12:30 – The Colbert Report. Everyone is bashing Sarah Palin today, it’s very amusing.

12:40 – Read Cosmopolitian Magazine UK Edition, and bed.


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