Trevor’s Media Diary

Posted: January 20, 2011 by trevorjnichols in Uncategorized

Today I woke up to the soothing voice of Jian Ghomeshi on my radio; an interaction with media from the very second I opened my eyes. I had the radio on as I made myself breakfast, and listened to it as I ate.

When breakfast was over I turned on my computer and of course checked facebook and surfed the internet for an hour or two. I then turned on iTunes and listened to music as I read an article for class.

For the entire afternoon my music was on as I did homework, laundry, read from my textbook and made myself dinner. I switched off the computer as I left for my evening class, where I read a newspaper waiting for the class to start, and then I stared at a screen while my professor lectured.

After class as I was getting groceries, generic music was playing in the background, punctuated by the occasional announcement or advertisement.

When I returned I spent the rest of the evening on my computer doing homework, listening to the radio as I did.

Altogether, I don’t think there was more than about one or two hours where I wasn’t interacting with media in some way.


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