Zen and Web 2.0

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Alex Curtis in #2 Zen and Web 2.0

I tend to favour myself a bit of a romantic. I have always begrudgingly rejected advancements in technology because it seems that with every “progression”, there is a greater disconnect between real people. Though, I am reluctant to admit it, I very much enjoyed Pirsig’s marriage of romanticism and rationality, especially in suggesting that by showing “care” for a machine, we can actually develop a relationship with it.

In the context of internet based journalism, I think Pirsig might make one of two arguments: First, he might suggest that because the internet is so “broad” that things like web journalism can easily lose their depth, something that I agree is true. It seems that internet articles appeal to a crowd with a shorter attention span, and are written faster so as to keep up with other online sources that are constantly breaking news. In this way, Pirsig might liken the new era of print journalists to the mechanics in a shop who despite being “professional” mechanics, rush through their work and take little pride in what they do.

Second, he might suggest that with the advent of technology such as blogs, where anyone can participate in creating meaningful works and publishing them (especially as someone whose book was rejected by 121 publishers) that we are able to fully develop caring relationships with technology. Taking time and pride in what we do online.


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