Lets Stop and Smell the Roses

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Maria Acle in #2 Zen and Web 2.0

So much technology, so little time.

People have become like leeches that need everything, and won’t stop until they get everything.

We have become stressed human beings. We never “stop and smell the roses” anymore because “we have no time.” Living in such a fast paced world has made us forget that sometimes slower is better.

And obviously we love comfort right? We love everything to be so easily reached. But when everything is so easy to grasp we lose so much of its true essence on the way.

If there is one thing my mother taught me is to slow down. On the contrary my dad is always stressed and it just doesn’t go with his personality. He is a 60 year old man that has lived through so much but has to always be running around all the time. Alberto (father) says he has no other option but to try and keep up with all of the technology, because it is required for his job. There are surveys that indicate how the workers’ stress levels have gone up because of all the technology. So now he has two cell phones and a laptop. And it is really heart breaking to see him cope with it all. It is so much for someone who went through medicine school without a computer! Can you imagine not being able to Google things?

The opposite is my mother Nel. She swore she would never touch a computer, until the day I left to Canada and she forced herself to learn to Skype. She doesn’t have a cell phone or an iPod or a laptop. She takes forever to cook, and the longer the dish takes to prepare the better it tastes in the end. I mean, she even makes her own lasagna and Carpaccio from scratch! And ordering in is a sin for her. All of my life she would isolate me from everything and everyone to study, because she said I needed to concentrate in one thing, otherwise I wouldn’t succeed.

She is one happy woman and it makes me wonder when we crossed the line and became those little stressed leeches. There is so much going on now that it blurs people’s lives. Nothing of real quality comes out of us anymore because we have a million other things in our mind that we can’t let go because our Blackberry’s are beeping next to us or someone just wrote on our Facebook Wall.

People need to start building up a filter in their minds that allows them to absorb only what really matters. Let’s hope that eventually technology shifts us to our original state, where quality went over quantity. We have so much information now. Let’s try to regain our patience to chose and produce things that are worth our time.


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