Thoughts on Zen and Web 2.0

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Karissa Donkin in #2 Zen and Web 2.0

Sometimes, progress can be overwhelming. Necessary, but overwhelming nonetheless.

Pirsig’s characters travel along, not lingering too long on one thought. They shun technology.

When I wrote my media diary last week, I started to realize how much I rely on technology. I also realized how much news and media I strive to consume through technology. Sometimes I’ll want to read this or that, but I won’t have time. The list of things I want to read pile up, along with new news from that day. I find it can sometimes be overwhelming, but I’m not sure I could turn technology off in my life.

I’m not sure, for even one month of the year, I could just get on a motorcycle and drive through places without a wi-fi connection. It isn’t what I’m accustomed to. Perhaps it would a purifying experience to tune out from the world – but I’m not sure I would make it even a week! I could – and maybe should – tune out in small doses.

That’s why I say progress can be overwhelming. We have a lot of information to sift through these days if we want to really be plugged in. I’m not sure even most of us can go back to the way it was before we had such easy access to so much information – and I’m not so sure we should necessarily try to.


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