#1 Media Diary

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in #1 Media Diary

Here is today’s schedule, in terms of media use.

-8:30AM, Woke up to Alarm Clock Radio

-Had breakfast while checking emails/Facebook/MSN Messenger

-9:30AM, Arrived in class early, went on Facebook again

-10:00AM, During class, used Google to research a story

-12:30PM, Sent a message on Facebook for a story

-4:00PM, Checked Facebook/email/went on MSN Messenger

-Ate supper while watching TV online

-5:30PM, Arrived at work.  Checked email, listened to online radio, read The Daily Gleaner.

-10:00PM, Arrived home.  Checked Facebook/email/MSN Messenger, Likealittle.com, CollegeHumor.com, Youtube, and Twitter.

-11:00PM Read a book (Siegfried’s Murder) for an hour, then went to sleep.

It’s interesting that even though it was a busy day, where I went for a period of almost 4 hours with no computer, I still managed to log in tons of media useage.  And why do we all have a compulsive need to check Facebook?  I don’t even “creep” people.  I just let it sit open in case someone wants to talk to me.  And then I complain when people try to talk and I’m watching TV online.  Apart form my Facebook habit, I’m not ashamed of my other media useage.  I’m proud to say I read a “tree book” for an hour every night before going to sleep.  I check my email frequently, but that’s a necessity in this day and age.  And entertainment?  Why not?  I lead a productive life, I exercise regularly.  If I’m just going to be sitting down and eating supper alone, why not watch TV?  I just need to watch that I don’t cut into homework time.


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