#2 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in #2 Zen and Web 2.0

I immediately related to Pirsig’s words, because he started out by talking of traveling through the country, something I did this summer on my bicycle.

It made my state of being immediately calm.  I got out of my desk chair, and laid down to read.  I forgot all about the distractions on my computer, and let my mind play me images of what was going on in Pirsig’s work.

As his writing went on,  I was surprised by how much his ideas can relate to today.  The leaking faucet analogy was my favourite.  How often do we allow small things like that to pile up because we think it’s too unimportant to deal with, that it doesn’t do any harm?  I then thought of something I’d been putting off-  Anytime I open an email or new web page, my AVG Anti-Virus Software pops a window up that I have to close.  I once spent half an hour trying to figure out how to disable it, (and I pride myself on being slightly more tech-savvy than the average person) but I couldn’t figure it out!  I gave up, and I’ve been closing this window every few minutes for a few months now.

So why do people put up with that stuff?  Are they (or we) lazy?  Are we afraid to deal with it?  Or are we afraid of failure?  New media has evolved so much.  But I know so many people who “don’t use twitter” because they “just don’t get it”.  Adults (Parents) who really want a Facebook account, but won’t take the time to learn how to create and maintain one.

I read everywhere that “we need to stay in the game” and constantly upgrade ourselves to work with the upgraded media and technology.  I don’t think it’s just so that we can “stay tuned” or “have an identity in the online world”, I think if we let ourselves stay in the past, we will feel frustration and failure.  Disappointment in ourselves for not being able to catch up.

It’s like running a race where you’re at the back of the line; do you give in to despair and accept where you are, or do you keep slogging forward, trying hard to catch up?

I think now I’ll go on the AVG forums and see who else has been having the pop-up problem.  And see how I can fix it.


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