Posted: February 2, 2011 by seanoneill34 in #3 Propublica

The first thing to say after reading this story was how exhaustive and detailed it was. And the first thing that came to mind was that if any mainstream news agency took on a project of this magnitude, they either have the most generous, accepting editor in the world or this work will never get accomplished the way if has been done by the people at Propublica.

The authors say that the story took a year, with thousands of interviews conducted to get the meat of the story together, as well as going over thousands of tax recites that would make most people lose their vision. The positive that can be taken from this is that there are dedicated professionals that love a great mystery to solve for the public interest. And with all mainstream news agencies being owned by a corporate entity that looks at it just like any other business, the demand to make a product that will produce the all-mighty dollar may not come in the form of work such as this.

This give Propublica the range and time to do as much due diligence as possible to show as many sides as possible. However, it’s unreasonable to believe that a bunch of Propublica clones will pop up out of nowhere with millions of dollars in funding for the work to be done. Especially with the global financial situation the world is in, the chances of other multi-millionaires creating socially-conscious news agencies from scratch are the same as Steven Seagal winning Best Actor at the Oscars anytime soon.

So Propublica for me is a lightning-in-a-bottle organization. Just be thankful that its there to tell the stories of people who need renal dialysis but the standards of care are so poor even though Americans sink billions into health care.


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