Propublica – Melissa Dickinson

Posted: February 2, 2011 by melissadickinson in #3 Propublica

With the rapid progression that is today’s technology, I begin to wonder how credible journalism really is. Sometimes, I think that journalist and journalistic corporations focus too much on being first to crack the day’s breaking news that they lose sight of what’s important for society to know. And of course, most important is being able to present them with the truth.

ProPublica is an independent, non-profit journalism organization aiming to provide journalism for the public interest. I found interest in an investigative report provided by Propublica and NPR entitled Brain Wars that focuses on how the US military is failing to provide effective care for brain injured soldiers. The article “Brain Injuries Remain Undiagnosed in Thousands of Soldiers,” takes a closer look at personal stories of the toll war can take on a soldier. In addition, T. Christian Miller from ProPublica and Daniel Zwerdling from NPR, dig deep and big to the surface the poor care that is given to the soldiers and reasonings as to why a stance has not been taken.

The statistics that this investigative report present are astonishing and frustrating to comprehend how so many potential diagnoses can be missed. The article states that, “In the civilian world, there is growing consensus about the danger of ignoring head trauma: Athletes and car accident victims are routinely tested for brain injuries and are restricted from activities that could result in further blows to the head. But the military continues to overlook similarly wounded soldiers, a reflection of ambivalence about these wounds at the highest levels, our reporting shows. Some senior Army medical officers remain skeptical that mild traumatic brain injuries are responsible for soldiers’ troubles with memory, concentration and mental focus.”

I believe that the organization ProPublica is beneficial to today’s society. The investigative reports that are presented are of an interest value and can be easily read. I personally found the writing of these articles smooth and easy to read. It made it easy to understand the statistics and arguments brought to the public eye. With the busy lifestyle that most individuals and families live now-a-days, the public needs to have access to a site that offers easy-to-read journalism on topics that a relevant to them, and possibly have an effect on them personally. ProPublica successfully accomplishes all of the above arguments.




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