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Posted: February 2, 2011 by Sara Power in #3 Propublica

The story I chose to comment on was Soldiers With Brain Trauma Denied Purple Hearts, Adding Insult to Injury. I started reading it, but there were so many related stories that I skimmed them as well, this one concerning undiagnosed brain injuries in soldiers in particular.

It’s a good story, about soldiers who have suffered concussions or other similar brain injuries because of I.E.D blasts or other things. Because there is no blood or bruising, it goes unnoticed and undiagnosed in many cases. Soldiers have had lasting problems due to this (impaired cognitive abilities, such as being unable to drive a car or impaired memory), and they have been denied a “Purple Heart”, a military honour, even though regulations say they should be.

I chose to read it because it interested me, and its just a sad story. It’s so easy to give a soldier who deserves it a medal of honour and courage. It’s another story of the small people getting stepped on or forgotten – it’s a simple story of injustice.

However, the first thing I noticed about this piece, and all of the others, was the length. Its unusual to read stories on the internet of such length. It’s refreshing – most of the news I read is much shorter.

It is very well documented and researched. There is a lot in there, including excellent stories within the story, they drive the point home. There are previous stories, and follow up stories. They don’t get bored with the subject, they drive it home until the story is done. Its different.

Propublica takes advantage of what they have at their disposal. Its easy to read but intelligent, they have a podcast, twitter, everything they need. Though no advertisements, which is nice, but how do they keep it going? All of the content is free, and well done! It isn’t just slapped together, and the stories are purely for this. I find it hard to believe it is alive simply by donation.

Honestly, it was very interesting, but as a Canadian, there wasn’t much that I was really interested in reading. I didn’t want t just pick a story, I wanted to read something because I was interested, and it took a bit of looking. Where’s the Canadian Propublica?


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