#4 Egyptian Revolution

Posted: February 7, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in Uncategorized

To me, the thing about the revolution in Egypt that relates the most to the communications and media revolution is the media and technology itslelf.  Technology and media today are constantly evolving, and journalists in Egypt are using this to keep the world updated on what’s happening.

When the internet was shut down, everyone went into a panic at first, becuase we rely so heavily on modern technology.  Then they began using old means of relaying information.

It’s really hard to peg down one major source that I’m getting all my news of Egypt from.  No matter where I go online (or newspapers/magazines) it seems I’m being bombarded with the latest update from Cairo.

The obvious sources are the news websites, and Twitter.  But when you go on the Youtube homepage, you see that some of the “Most Watched” videos are Revolution updates, and if you watch one, you will forever be exposed to more in the “Reccommended for You” section.  Also,  lots of links pop up in people’s facebook status that make their way onto my news feed.

It’s an obvious fact that journalists play an important role in both revolutions.  Journalists in Egypt are constantly updating the world with facts, letting us have information to from an educated opinion on what type of action should be taken.  Journalists within the Media Revolution could arguably be the most important users of social media.  I wouldn’t use Twitter if it was just a bunch of pre-teens and drunk celebrities posting about what to eat at what restaurant.  Journalists supplying useful and interesting information is what drives me to check Twitter, or blogs/vlogs.

And with newer and newer applications and sites, Journalists are finding ways to spread their work/voice to more and more people.  We must constantly evolve with the technology in order to stay relevant.


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