A New Face of the Revolution. Largest Gatherings yet in Tahrir Square.

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Mike Carter in Uncategorized

Wael Said Abbas Ghonim


Rumours that the protests in Egypt had been relenting as of late were shattered by the turn out yesterday in Tahrir (Liberation) Square. According to the CBC and Public Radio International’s The World, last night saw the largest gatherings as of yet assembled in the two weeks of protests at the square.

Thanassis Cambanis, of The World reported that yesterday was unique because there was, “a huge number of first time visitors to the square”. This just moments after an emotional television broadcast by Wael Ghonim, a Google marketing executive who admitted to being the anonymous creator a Facebook page honouring Khaled Said, a youth beaten to death by police in Alexandria in June of 2010.

Every inch of the revolution seems to be related in someway to the revolution in mass communication that has occurred with a new wave of communication over social media websites, and a new era of journalistic coverage over the internet making the flood of information virtually unstoppable.

Gohnim, who was arrested by Egyptian authorities shortly after they discovered his involvement in the now famous Facebook page, yesterday announced that the protestors need to unify their demands “especially since the demands of Tahrir protesters do not seem to have been satisfied”.

In the past, Gohnim would not have been viewed as a threat. Not only would he have not been able to create the Facebook page that many say make him “the new voice of the revolution”, but his disappearance may have gone unnoticed without several of his colleagues at Google searching for his whereabouts and making it known that he had gone missing via twitter.

In the wake of the television broadcast following Mr. Gohnim’s release, twitter was a blaze with messages that inspired several new faces to show up to Tahrir square making yesterday’s demonstration against Hosni Mubarak the largest yet.

Here are some of the latest tweets from today:

wal0m0 RT @pakinamamer: If you’re going to #Tahrir, don’t go empty-handed: take blankets, juice, extra food, meds, warm clothes (caps, jackets, socks) to give away

daemorris RT @Nehal_Mokhtar: muscles are aching from carrying heavy supplies to #Tahrir. Pain never felt this good before. #Egypt #Jan25

Ayesha_Mall RT @YosriFouda: This will bite hard: 6000 Suez Canal workers strike http://bit.ly/eh6xOa #Jan25 #Tahrir

  1. Philip Lee says:

    This is excellent. Thank you. There are many stories within this story. And more to come it seems.

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