Posted: February 17, 2011 by Samantha Kamras in News

I just signed up for Twitter for the next assignment, and have already found myself surrounded by information about the protests in Bahrain. I’ve been spending hours following links that people have posted.

One of these links led me to the Al Jazeera live blog, where I further found an Anonymous Press Release, which I thought was really interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone publishing their own press release with such serious intent. I thought I would post about it. Press releases, or the thought of them at least, seem to carry some weight as an official record of the comings and going of an organization. This press release is  to comment on those comings and goings. It’s another aspect of social media that I had never thought to consider. Now, as to how seriously anyone will take it, who knows. But the point is that it’s out there; it’s being spread through Al Jazeera (a major organziation), Twitter, Facebook and the list goes on. Check it out!

Also, the site that created the press release is one of the non-profit sites we were just looking at. Hackers is an organization that looks at security threats and hacking as a whole. Honestly, when I first stumbled across is, I couldn’t help thinking of conspiracy theories. But having now spent some time with it, I’m thinking more along the lines of, “Big Brother is watching, and these guys are out to expose him.”


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