Oh Twitter, you amuse me

Posted: February 21, 2011 by Danie Pitre in #6 Twitter

I’ve had a twitter account since March 26 2009, I tweeted until April 2009 and then forgot it for a whole year until I rejoined exactly on March 26 2010. Since then I’ve steadily increased my usage and I can pinpoint the events that have led me to be an everyday twitter user. The stuff I’ve learnt about twitter are things I have come across over time but I think they are still relevant:

1. Twitter, it’s stalking but easier

Whether it’s following my favorite celebrity or reading my friends’ strange and random updates, Twitter provides hours of amusement.

Keith Olbermann, I follow you not only because I love you but because you share pictures

During the election I was the communications officer for a party and part of my job was watching what was going on on #nbvote. It was also my job to watch those of our candidates who liked to use twitter. Now I very seldom post on the hashtag but I had no problem watching what was going on. Luckily I rarely had to make a phone call but following the online conversation kept me in the loop.

And speaking about that…

2. Twitter, it keeps you in the loop

I know some would argue that 140 characters isn’t enough to know what’s going on but if you follow a lot of news, having a little blurb helps cut out the extra stuff that you don’t need to read in full but you can have an ideas what’s happening.

I might not click on it but I know it exists in case someone I talk to makes reference to it.

However I’m very likely to read something like this and follow the Pundit’s Guides link to her blog and check it out:

3. Twitter, where stupid people get stupider

The other day one of the trending topics was RIP Black Folks. People lost their collective shit over this, which sure, they should but honestly, the more you post about it the more it trends and the circle of dumb continues.

This is the downside to Twitter. When people lose their mind and continue talking about the thing they hate it just keeps it going until we all get tired and start talking about Justin Beiber again.

Crisis over, Justin Beiber did something somewhere and the Twitters is exploding again

4. Twitter, where fake accounts have more celebrity than real ones

Fake Rahm Emanuel has 31,000 followers. Real Rahm Emanuel has 8,200.

Sure Twitter is changing the way we do journalism but it also faces the same problem old media deals with, we like fluff and we like infotainment. So while I could be an informed citizen and follow the real Rahm, I choose to follow the fake and pretend it’s what the real Rahm is thinking.

5. Twitter, where I turn to first for real news

Never in my life I have been more informed as quickly as I have when I use Twitter. Even in our own sphere of New Brunswick I can follow our politics, find new opinions and engage people I would never meet otherwise. I can branch out and talk about international topics with anyone with the simple use of a hashtag. I get followed and follow others alike based on 140 character conversations but I still find relevant information.

We think that twitter is the ultimate hodgepodge of crap and headlines but it’s what you do with it that determines the amount of knowledge you can get out of it. I use to be reluctant about following too many people because I thought I’d be faced with an information overload but over time I’ve allowed my list to grow and now see the value in having all this information readily available.

I use Twitter for lots of things, international news, local news, entertainment, keeping in touch with friend and yes, stalking.


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