#6 Twitter- “@Class: #Twitter has surprised me.”

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in #6 Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account for almost a year now, and I’ve made a grand total of 10 tweets. 3 of which were made today, and were retweets.

The reason: I didn’t appreciate Twitter until today.

1.  I interviewed Alex Solak for a radio show today.  We talked about social media.  Alex had lots of interesting things to say, but the message that interested me was that Twitter is something that returns what you give.  The more time and interaction you put into Twitter, the more you will be rewarded with understanding, and maybe followers. (ooooooh)

2.  I had never really understood retweets, but today I had 3 tweets or so that applied directly to me, so I retweeted them.  Then more people started following me.  I started to become more captivated.  Retweeting is a way of delivering news, or information you think is important, to possibly a larger audience, and connecting more people with each other.

3.  Twitter will only flood you with nonsense if you allow it to.  Alex Solak said that people should “cleanse” their Twitter accounts, following only people who tweet about relevant and important things.  Suddenly, Twitter is a tool that seems so much more “mature”, for lack of a better word.

4.  If you don’t have Twitter, at this day in time, it doesn’t matter.  But if you do have Twitter, you need to know how it works.  It isn’t something that you can just make an account on and expect great things.  Once you get actively involved in Twitter, you`ll become more important, you`ll feel more involved, etc.  Tweeters appear to see non-tweeters as out-of-the-loop.

5.  Twitter isn`t just for news updates or funny posts.  I use it to stay motivated.  I follow Men`s Health (Who for some reason, follows me).  I am constantly being barricaded with articles on healthy eating, exercise, and general tips to lead an amazing life.  It is so motivating, I always want to just get up and do yoga.

I have now resolved to become more actively involved in Twitter, but for relevant information.  For a while I was going to try to be the `funny tweeter`.  Unfortunately, I can`t delete my attempts at humour, but I can submerge them under a sea of useful news.


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