The Cerebral Cortex of The Internet

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Adam Hodnett in #6 Twitter

At least that’s how they described it on (TWIT, as in This Week In Tech). It was the beginning of 2010 and they were doing a show on the greatest changes of the decade.

(The story of TWIT)

I remember loving how they compared Twitter to our brain. They related the way twitter moves out one person at a time but sets off chain reactions with retweets, to how our neurons only communicate to the ones right next to it, but obviously accomplishes complex things.

I was new to twitter, and this resonated with the way my internet use was feeling centralized and kind of controlled. I felt like I could follow an issue for the first time online with little effort. I actually loved deleting people and seeing how my feed changed. I remember getting rid of @thatkevinsmith pretty quick.

So, what has it done for me lately?


Twitter was my main source of information during the G20 protests this summer and it is still keeping me up to date

@g20mobilize, and many others, were my windows to the world during the G20 protests. The live streams I watched, the many many photos and videos that flooded in, and all the real time updates came exclusively from the networks that people like this connected me to. And they are still keeping me up to date with information that never comes up anywhere else.


I don't know this guy, but this is why retweets are awesome.

I’m not following this guy. But Lawrence Lessig (@Lessig) is, and with the click of a button I’m connected to the information he finds important. I looked into this tweet and found this article. Apparently Amazon is going to challenge Netflix. More anti-UBB corporate support?


Is this too trivial?

I don’t know. I love these guys. I think I check out photos from @NatGeoSociety just about everyday. Nothing makes me want to be a photographer more. Here’s the link–I very much recommend looking around.


I'm not able to catch every episode, so I rely on twitter to let me know which episodes I should stream later

I love the Q, but streaming CBC radio anytime between 10 am at 2pm (or the night show) isn’t always easy for me. @jianghomeshi is usually pretty active on twitter, so I see this as that “coming up tonight” sort of commercial that I never see without cable. I then just get the episodes I want off iTunes or stream it online.


I swear, I really wanted the original BoingBoing tweet but this was weeks ago and they're almost constantly tweeting

Somehow it’s embarrassing to post my own tweet, but I won’t link to myself, is that still self-promotional?

BUT, this has been the influence from Twitter for me recently. @boingboing posted this link to a contribution from Corey Doctorow (@doctorow).  It’s weird. It really had me thinking about new online presentations. I tweeted this next:

“I got sucked in to 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein Here’s the blog and″

Also, is great. It’s the only website I know of where I don’t actually like their homepage, but I love their tweets. They’re basically an aggregator. They link to things on the net and provide a headline, or a couple intro paragraphs. I find they’ve got good taste.



In case the link up top about Leo Laporte and TWIT didn’t entice you, I’m going to try again. This show really makes me feel good about trying to be a content creator.




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