Tweet, Tweet, Tweedly, Deedly, Deet

Posted: February 23, 2011 by Hilary Paige Smith in Uncategorized

I have been a Twitter user for close to two years, I believe.

When I first got my account, (@hilarypage) I was a bit of an inexperienced Tweeter, sharing only song lyrics and my plans for the day, very Facebook status-esque. As I grew more as a journalist and, after attending two different Canadian University Press conferences where Twitter practically governs the weekend, I decided to smarten up.

My Twitter feed isn’t as hard-hitting as most. I try my best to post funny links when they actually wow me. If I hear a good joke, or anti-joke, I’ll tweet it. I usually retweet someone at least once a day if I find the material in their tweet is sufficiently funny/informative/necessary to repeat. And I always appreciate when someone retweets me, especially if I’m trying to get news out about something.

I use my Twitter a lot for work now. If UNB news breaks, I’ll tweet it. I also use it as an advertising tool for my section of the Brunswickan (Hey #UNB, come to @Brunswickan story meeting, today at 12:30 in the SUB, Rm 35!).

My Twitter followers have grown steadily by about 150 in the past year. I’m now up to 205. My followers jumped enormously after I posted a link to a blog post I wrote about Saint John, my hometown. Saint John tweeters are fiercely proud of their city and my blog got 500 hits that day from Twitter users alone.

Twitter has been a really helpful resource for me. Just the other say I sent out a #help, looking for recommendations for a new internet browser and I got three responses, cementing my new browsing destination.

Here are the five things I learned…

I asked the STUSU reporter for the Aquinian what the STUSU exec. salaries are, and within the hour, both he and the STUSU president replied with the answer.

I decided to use Firefox as my internet browser after a number of people recommended it.

I entered a contest to win a painting from a gallery in Saint John, which hopefully, I will win.

I learned about the earthquake in NZ.

I found this great article, which everyone in this class should read, about media companies cashing in on unpaid contributors.




  1. shanefowler2 says:

    Going over past articles for class has struck me off guard when thinking about earthquakes in NZ. It was only a little over a month ago and yet the news has shifted so far away from those events. I’ll admit I had completely forgotten about it, until re-reading it’s mention here. I’m not a dedicated ‘twit’ so I’m unfamiliar with its habit of histories, but it would be interesting to see a chart or graphic based around the fluctuation of trending topics and how quickly they dissipate. How long, based on the information, does it take big news to no longer become newsworthy?

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