Posted: February 23, 2011 by braillebone in #6 Twitter, Uncategorized

When I signed up for my Twitter account this week, I questioned why I had purposely avoided the social media tool for so long.

I suppose much of it had to do with what we discussed in class last Wednesday – a large portion of the material on Twitter is useless. And frankly, had I signed up for it five years ago, I might have been turned off right away by the influx, because I might not have been as news oriented and therefore might have missed the more substantial, harder hitting tweets.

The first tweet I made was about something interesting I read right away from the Globe and Mail. The article it linked to was important to me because it was about green innovation in my hometown of Edmonton, a place not famous for its environmental investments. It talks about a controversial yet innovative space proposal for the much deliberated fate of the city centre airport, which would include residences for 30,000 people, park space, and the use of several renewable resources. A huge step for Edmonton, and something we could surely be proud of.

I’m a plugged-in music buff, so NPR music is an exciting account to follow. This Friday, a day earlier than scheduled, Radiohead released their anxiously anticipated album King of Limbs, and NPR streamed it free of charge all the way through. Admittedly, it was a Friday and I was scattered in the Brunswickan office not listening as avidly as I should have been, but it was still one of those treasured moments. It felt special and exclusive in an odd way to be part of a pool of listeners hearing the album for the first time, together. Maybe that’s sappy, but it was buzz-worthy in my opinion.

I also read a tweet from CBC Health News linking an article about B.C. nurses training in gang awareness, and it seems the proactive step isn’t sitting well with the nurses’ union, which surprised me at first. They feel it’s too much to expect nurses to have to take on yet another responsibility, when their focus should remain strictly on patient care.

Another one I read was about was the European Union imposing stricter regulations on its fuel providers that would disallow products from Canada’s oilsands. Canada has denied threatening to cap trade, but there is suspicion and worry over how the fuel products would be used if regulated. This could have major implications for the trade relationship between Canada and the EU, and on the Canadian economy and industry.

Lastly, I read a tweet on Feb. 17 from Harry Forestell saying “Man with gun surrenders to Fredericton police after lockdown at Kingsclear Elementary school and warnings in Silverwood.” I had heard about the scare during the day and that the school had been evacuated, so it was important to read the man had surrendered, and eventually to know no one had been injured. These kinds of scares don’t often happen in Fredericton, so it was quite alarming.


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