Information is scary… to those in power.

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in #8 Wikileaks

Wikileaks, and all the hype surrounding it, tells me that people in power are afraid of information.  More specifically, of information being in the hands of the public.  It allows the public to form strong emotional opinions based on mistakes or controversial things that have been done, said, or planned.

Journalists are purveyors of information.  That has been the case for centuries.  Some of the major things that have changed are the mediums, the speed with which messages can be conveyed, and the many ways the public can show their opinion on news or information.

Wikileaks is also a purveyor of information.  But it is being viewed by a lot of people as a “vigilante”-style info site.  And I think that the people in power affected negatively by Wikileaks want it to be seen this way, and try to perpetuate that image.

Here’s a link to a Q &A with an investigative journalist who tears apart Wikileaks and Assange:  So when the public has government or military officials trying to make Wikileaks look bad, and then has Journalists who are openly saying that it`s a publicity stunt, or tabloid material, etc., it couldd give the impression that one should only follow or believe information coming form a News Company or Journalist, or something that the government doesn`t openly dislike.

Another unfortunate stereotype surrounding Wikileaks is that it is more of a `radicalist`or ànarchist`site.  If people see it as those, they`d see it as being biased, and it gets discredited.  This could potentially discredit journalists who openly support Wikileaks.


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