Media Diary (the post that got lost)

Posted: March 21, 2011 by braillebone in Uncategorized

#1 Media Diary
January 18, 2011
This morning I arrived early at the CBC building and checked Gmail and Facebook for messages. While I waited for class to start, I read a few articles in an issue of The Gateway, the University of Alberta’s student publication I picked up while in Montreal last week at the national Canadian University Press conference.

We watched a PowerPoint presentation on reporting, and after class there was music playing in Lauren Bird’s car; she gave me a ride to campus as it was unreasonably cold out, and I didn’t have my iPod to distract me from the cold, which otherwise might have made a difference.

I made my way down to The Brunswickan office, my place of employment, and again checked Gmail and Facebook for messages. I watched a YouTube video of my friend Shawn Bracke dancing in London, where he lives and teaches.

I went for lunch with my boyfriend at The Cellar, where music was playing in the background and rather loudly, but I didn’t mind it. I noticed I was perturbed when someone neglected to put in another CD once the initial one was finished. We were having a great conversation so it wasn’t to fill dead air, but I suppose I felt the music insulated our conversation so I could appreciate there were several other people talking and enjoying lunch, but I didn’t have to hear them and they didn’t have to hear me.

After lunch, I took the bus home without anything to listen to or read. Again, the frigid cold was particularly noticable because I didn’t have any media to distract me from it, and therefore I focused on it.

I got home and looked on Kijiji with my roommate at some apartments that had been recently listed, as we have been talking about moving for our final year in Fredericton.

I took a nap, woke up to my alarm, and ran to Sobey’s to get groceries before my 6 pm meeting as Music Programming Coordinator for CHSR (which I was 15 minutes late for due to the snow, which I had not accounted for because I had not checked the weather). I finally found my iPod last night (I have been a month without it, it was buried at the bottom of my backpack I dragged home to Edmonton), so I put on my big insulating (from sound and cold) headphones and trudged up the hill listening to my music.

When I got home finally, I made dinner and began researching Cesar Chavez for my Environmental Praxis class via Google and Wikipedia to start, and ended up watching viral YouTube videos for a laugh and having a quick glance at the homepage of news site

Time for bed – I have a feeling tomorrow’s trek to campus will not be pleasant. I’ll be sure to bring my iPod this time


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