Posted: March 23, 2011 by seanoneill34 in Uncategorized

To start this post off, I want everyone to look at the cover of the new Time magazine. No words necessary there.

Not to beat a dead horse, but what Twitter can do is open up worlds to those who are not in them. Case in point, the numerous twitters who are forwarding on the ground journalists for others to consume. Mark MacKinnon seems to be the one to benefit the most, if new Twitter followers is a reward.

This story is also something that I probably wouldn’t have discovered either. This has nothing to do with the fact that there could be a plant that explodes emitting potentially deadly toxins into the air. It’s just a touching little part that shows that the Japanese have good intentions.

The only disturbing thing I realized is that there are sadly those out there who are thinking this is karma for Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. It disgusts me that these people have platforms, even as innocuous as Facebook to say this crap.

As I tried to point out in the Time magazine cover, and in these Tweets and Facebook status, when something as profound and heartbreaking as this transpires, the human heart will react in many different ways, whether it’s attitudinal or technological.

I also think with Mark MacKinnon that since he’s a journalist on the ground with experience in the Japan, he can provide perspective that perhaps those on 24-hour news channels couldn’t provide as well when they were thrown into Egypt, and then Libya, and then Japan… who knows where next. (Not putting blame on them; it’s the way of the business now.) So his coverage has given me and other readers more knowledge than I felt I got during the continuing Middle East crisis.


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