Google runs into copyright troubles

Posted: March 23, 2011 by Philip Lee in News, Uncategorized

The New York Times is reporting how Google’s ambitious plan to digitize every book in the world has run into an old and venerable legal principle: copyright.

  1. shanefowler2 says:

    When I read about this last week, I remember having different opinions about it. A big issue that I feel would be resolved, as a student, and as a proponent of free and easy access to knowledge, would be the sky-rocketing price-gouging of text books. I feel that that issue alone keeps a strong distance between those who want to learn and those who can afford to learn. Giving everyone equal resources at a basic level not only encourages people to become educated, but makes it accessible.
    I do not however like the idea of authors having their work undervalued. I realize that costs are being cut as more novels are being digitized for online and e-reader consumption, but I feel that that is making it easier for publishers to underpay up and coming writers. Publishing all books online thickens the plot (couldn’t resist.)
    My opinion on this is digitize and publish the knowledge based texts and anything deemed ‘classic,’ and make it free, but leave the stories and non-essential works behind a pay-wall. (Anything by Micheal Crichton is grey area!)

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