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Posted: March 23, 2011 by Alex Vietinghoff in #9 Japan


I decided to choose a few well-known news organizations,, and create a graph, that shows whether or not they use a certain type of social media or otherwise to deliver coverage.  I found that it seems to be necessary to use all types of media, because every news organization I checked uses every major type I came up with. 

 I’d like to ask the class to suggest one or two more News Outlets for the Graph, as well as one or two more forms of media I hadn’t thought of.

  I noticed that all these different coverages are pretty much the same story over and over, but presented from the different forms of media to appeal to a vast and diverse audience.

I think the most unique stories being told are the ones where a reporter has lots of time to make the best use of their selected media; print, television, radio, etc.  The features are the ones where I am completely wrapped up in what’s going on.  I appreciate completely  the usefulness of short news updates via twitter, but I’d personnally much rather be told a more personal story, or shown images that affect lives, rather than seeing a small amount of words trying do justice to amazing events.

  1. sharonfawcett says:

    This is an original take on the assignment! You asked for suggestions for other news outlets. In Stephanie Kelly’s post, she mentions that the Herald Sun has good coverage. You may want to check it out.

  2. shanefowler2 says:

    You Tube is a big one, many news organizations have their own channel where the post on a regular, if not semi-regular basis. Also apps are another medium worth looking at. I have a Globe and Mail, CTV, and NYT apps that all update their articles at the push of a button on my windows phone. Until everyone has a tablet, I think their the biggest and best way that people are getting news on the go these days.

  3. Awesome, thnaks for the tips, guys! I’m going to update the graph. And Shane, I hadn’t thought of apps at all! But it’s true, practically evryone has and uses them. It’s now a common part of people’s lives.

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