So, your telling me WHAT happened?!

Posted: March 30, 2011 by Elizabeth Sullivan in #9 Japan

Hideaki Akaiwa - Japanese Badass

Although I probably wasn’t the last person on earth to find out about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it was still a little startling to find out about it the day after. I will also say that once I got a grip on what was happening, my focus wandered back to the massive amounts of homework that I’d neglected before the march break.

Here are some of the links and videos that I watched in my efforts to get informed – I did manage to listen to some CBC Radio broadcasts about it. One in particular that struck me was an interview segment with a ESL teacher in Japan. It was strange, I had been thinking about it, taking Japanese courses and everything, and now I have to think about whether or not Japan will be a  safe enough place to be within the next few years. My Japanese teacher also gave us the twitter and facebook accounts for two of her former students who are currently in Japan.



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