The News is Mobile and Lovin’ it

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Elizabeth Sullivan in Uncategorized

Besides the surprising news that US auto industry handing out large contracts to news organizations for advertising, instead of handing out bonuses to it’s execs, it would seem that mobile devices are also serving as another pot of gold under that rainy-rainbow.

I’m calling this a pot of gold, I could be wrong, but a PEW survey came up with the result that nearly half of American adults are getting their news on a mobile device, specifically getting connected to their local news stations. The survey concluded that the mobile news users were younger, felt like they had more community impact and likely to be using several different types of media platforms. It is nice to hear that young 20- 30 year olds are concerned with the news, and as PEW pointed out, more likely to share found news.

Overall the ‘state of the media’ release seems to be pointing at the fact that there are many things hopeful about the face of media, but mainly that the face is going to continue to change. On this side of the border the Liberal platform was just released, and it seems to be a way of embracing digital information, as well as clearly supporting the CBC. This, in no way is a guarantee that media in Canada is going to be safe, but it looks like the discussion over the protection of media and information is a part of standard discussion. The state of the media is a conversation making it’s way through the Canadian government as well.

From the PEW research I was surprised by the reported increase in ad revenue happening across the board, especially with internet media because I had heard somewhere that ad’s don’t sell on the internet. But… that could have been the opposite.. and it could have been in class that we were taking about it.

Technology is making it’s way closer to the people who use it. We carry it with us day to day, and with the accessibility the news gets when it becomes a part of that platform, it’s putting the news in that same pocket, purse or bag. Hopefully it makes the people consume it, appreciate it, and understand what goes into making the news possible.


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