State of the Media – Melissa Dickinson

Posted: April 6, 2011 by melissadickinson in Uncategorized

It has been discussed on several occasions during our semester in this course as to how news and the media are quickly being accessed electronically more often then in any other way. We have taken polls to discover how many of the students in the class gain their local news coverage via television versus through online sources. No one in the class would be surprised to learn that only a very select few students watch daily local news coverage on the television, like CTV’s Live at 5.

When you begin to read the Pew Research Center’s report on the state of American journalism, it is difficult to point out any optimistic points. You constantly read how the public is not relying as heavily on newspapers to get their news coverage. They make it very evident in their report that the digital age of news and media is quite present in today’s society. Constantly, more and more people are gaining their news coverage through mobile devices and portable computers like an iPad or your Dell laptop.

However, this transfer of news coverage to the internet can be seen as a positive thing. Jeff Jarvis in 2008 recorded a brief question and answer session concerning his opinions on the internet taking over how the public consumes their news. In this video, Jarvis makes a great case for journalism and the internet. I think that the most impacting statement he made was how “every other industry in this country, in this world has to change because the internet. Why shouldn’t newspapers? Other industries that are smart are embracing this change. And newspapers are, out of fear, only beginning to. It doesn’t make any difference to me whether or not the printing press is getting used as long as the journalism continues.” It is important to remember that this video was created in 2008 and that there has been great advances in online journalism. However, some are still hostile to the thought of consuming their journalism online. And not everyone can. A lot of our older generation are not technologically advanced. I think of my Grandparents who do own a computer, but still get a daily newspaper delivered to their doorstep and watch the local news station at 5pm. We still have a use for printed and filmed news coverage, but I don’t expect it will be very long until newspaper subscriptions and the mass consumption of printed journalism to decrease significantly.

After reading the article, one can be a bit optimistic about the number of jobs out there for journalists in the internet field. While journalism is relocating itself to the world wide web, many jobs are opening in several journalistic departments. While newspapers are folding and this resulting in the folding of jobs, as long as journalism continues to grow through the world wide web, jobs will be out there for up and coming journalists.


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