Posted: April 10, 2011 by Maria Acle in #6 Twitter

I had a Twitter account before this class but I was never the biggest user. But I did always use it for news. When I started examining it for this blog, I began to realize things that maybe I didn’t want to see before.

My conclusions:

What on earth? – The first thing I learned after this experience is that I had no clue how to use Twitter. This is probably because, on my end, not much Tweeting has ever happened. I actually thought I had it down because I was using it to read the news, but I guess the point of it is for you to Tweet stuff like everyone else. Oh well.

Network expansion to stay informed – The thing that I do love about Twitter is that you can stay in contact with a large pool of people, many whom would be unreachable through other means. You can’t expect Obama to add you to his Facebook account, but on Twitter you can follow whoever you want.  But what I liked the most about it was that I could follow news organizations. And that ties in to my next discovery.

Time-saver – It is a great tool to stay on top of breaking news, and it is all in one place. And in world overflowing with news, it is nice to know that with this tool I can quickly pick what I want to know. By only reading 140 characters I can chose to keep on reading or not. And many times I honestly don’t have time to read a whole article, but with that one sentence I can stay informed.

Story ideas – As a student journalist coming up with story ideas is sometimes a bit painful, especially here in Freddy. However, I realized that I can get a lot of ideas on Twitter just by seeing what everyone is tweeting.

Staying in touch with people back at home– Twitter is also very big back in Brazil, so it is really useful to stay informed about what is happening back at home.





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