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Ben Burnett’s Media Diary

Posted: January 24, 2011 by bburnett in #1 Media Diary

I woke up on Tuesday completely unaware I was to keep a media diary, so I booted up my laptop guilt-free. The Aquinian was behind due to unforeseen circumstances, so I had to finish my proofs and send them to layout by 9:00. I spent the next couple hours reading wrap-ups of the weekend’s NFL play-off games, interviews with Kanye West and news headlines on Twitter. I walked to class listening to G-Side and Rick Ross.

I finished watching Black Swan while home for lunch. Then I passed out listening to a Wild Nothing album in my living room with the lights on. I woke up an hour later to my roommates returning from a McDonalds-and-beer run. I walked upstairs to discover the Internet has been disconnected. I tried, unsuccessfully, to re-connect it. Nothing.

I walked up the hill to an Aquinian story meeting where I flipped through a Globe and Mail sitting on the table and read about Haiti and the return of Duvalier. Among the news I picked up from our news editor running through her story list I was told there is a new sexuality study for female students. Had difficulty pretending I was not jealous – I have a strange addiction to surveys.

I spent an hour in the computer lab catching up on news. I read Stereogum, CBC and Nah Right. That evening I was disgruntled by the Internet not working so I watched previously downloaded episodes of Breaking Bad, Extras and the Larry Sanders Show. My roommate and I decided to record a rap song to kill some Internet-less time. I text messaged my Mom about not having the Internet and tell her I’ll call tomorrow. Passed out with my laptop on.

(I’m going to include this morning because yesterday was a bust, Internet-wise)

Woke up this morning intent on attending my first Reporting 2.0 class. Listened to Lil Wayne. Had to walk to the computer lab to check which classroom it was in and discovered class began an hour earlier. Picked up a copy of the Aquinian and noticed a small leaflet titled “Joyous Advent” beside it. I’m adverse to read my own work so I breezed quickly through, then looked at the smaller pamphlet. It’s a short, six-page manifesto on “joie de vivre” if you will. Have a feeling I know who curated it. Reminded me of “White Noise”.