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Cornerbrooker [dot] com

Posted: April 20, 2011 by Sara Power in Uncategorized

The Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill

In my hometown, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, our news media includes a local radio station CFCB, CBC Radio, the newspaper The Western Star, and a local Rogers cable that is most notably known for the show The Corner Brook Cafe.

Then, in June 2010,, powered by, came onto the scene. It is a glorified blog, a place where people can contribute interesting stories and events and have a conversation about it. It is made by the people, for the people. The primary contributer is Tom Cochrane, but he’s definitely not the only one.

Tom is a few years older than me. I remember that he was in a band that won Battle of the Bands one year. And he was dating my dance instructor. Now he contributes news and events to this community blog. started with ‘photos of the day’ from the cornerbrooker flickr group, blog posts with links to the most interesting news from the Western Star and elsewhere, pictures of interesting things happening in the city, like when the Brewed Awakening coffee shop opened a second shop. 60 pages of blog posts later, and the blog posts are starting to resemble journalistic stories, there’s information about voting, more people are taking part including history stories from the museum archives, and local videos from Grenfell’s Visual Arts program.



Oooh, something shiny?

Posted: March 23, 2011 by Sara Power in #9 Japan

I got my first introduction to the crisis in Japan by CBC Alerts sent from Twitter to my cellphone when I woke up one morning.

I was interning at the CBC that week, actually, and so I heard about it through the grapevine of the newsroom. On Friday of that week I sat on the couch in the back of the story meeting, staring at the tv screen and the coverage of the tsunami. I barely paid any attention to the rest of the meeting.

It was the pictures. Cars being tossed around like toys, houses being moved, the wave just wouldn’t slow down. (more…)

Interviewing in the new age.

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Sara Power in #7 Ethics

It is getting easier to sit at your desk and write a story from start to finish without moving, let alone leaving the apartment or having pick up a phone. (more…)

Advice from a weathered twitter-user.

Posted: February 23, 2011 by Sara Power in #6 Twitter

I joined up for twitter approximately a year ago. Before that, I thought it was so stupid, like it was just the status updates on facebook. And it still is, in a lot of ways.

But the key is who you are following. Obviously, if you only follow your friends and celebrities who don’t have anything intelligent to say or share, then status updates is really all you get.

But I refuse to use my twitter account for that purpose. I follow people, and if they start having inane conversations to each other (I used to follow a couple. It was ridiculous, how they tweeted to each other, like they thought it made them so cool to show the world how ‘in love’ they are.) then I unfollow them. And I do that quite a bit.

So, lesson number 1: Don’t follow idiots. (more…)

“Every tool is a weapon”

Posted: February 8, 2011 by Sara Power in Uncategorized

“… if you hold it right.” – Ani Difranco, My IQ

I first discovered the events occuring in Egypt via CBCAlerts on Twitter, which are sent to my phone. So I woke up one morning, checked my phone and heard about it. Then it was on TV, and then I went looking for information.


What else is new.

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Sara Power in #3 Propublica

The story I chose to comment on was Soldiers With Brain Trauma Denied Purple Hearts, Adding Insult to Injury. I started reading it, but there were so many related stories that I skimmed them as well, this one concerning undiagnosed brain injuries in soldiers in particular.

It’s a good story, about soldiers who have suffered concussions or other similar brain injuries because of I.E.D blasts or other things. Because there is no blood or bruising, it goes unnoticed and undiagnosed in many cases. Soldiers have had lasting problems due to this (impaired cognitive abilities, such as being unable to drive a car or impaired memory), and they have been denied a “Purple Heart”, a military honour, even though regulations say they should be.

I chose to read it because it interested me, and its just a sad story. It’s so easy to give a soldier who deserves it a medal of honour and courage. It’s another story of the small people getting stepped on or forgotten – it’s a simple story of injustice.


Motorcycles, huh?

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Sara Power in #2 Zen and Web 2.0

“What’s new?” versus “What is best?” seems to be the core problem in the current state of the media. Everything is so fast paced, the second somebody blows their nose, its all over twitter and being sent to our cellphones. CBC News is so preoccupied with providing “News NOW” that it gives the same broadcasts three or four times over the course of one morning.

The internet is the cause, of course. There is so much information out there, the only way to cater to an audience is to have the most up to date information! This is where most online newspapers/journalists/bloggers have made their mistakes. They are the young, hurried mechanics that Persig descrives. Quantity wins over quality, and now everybody is regretting it. Fortunately, the way out of this economic rut is going to be to put the best quantity journalism out there so that people will buy it. Hopefully. Twitter will still be around to give the world their minute-by-minute fix of a celebrity breakup, and help with ‘breaking news,’ but that is only a small part of what we call ‘journalism’, so I’m not too worried.


Sara Power – Media Diary

Posted: January 19, 2011 by Sara Power in #1 Media Diary

Tuesday, Jan. 18: It’s Tuesday, and I am taking a sick day, so my media intake might actually be more than usual today. I’m up early, unable to sleep.

9:30 Check facebook and email (gmail and stu)
9:41 Twitter.
9:50 CBC News Online – Newfoundland
9:54 CBC New Online
9:57 CBC News Online – New Brunswick
9:58 The Globe and Mail Online
10:27 The Western Star Online
10:30 Telegraph Journal and The Daily Gleaner Online
10:33 Quick check on the Aquinian Online.
[This hour is me catching up on all of my usual news sites, I’ ve been slacking lately. I browse the headlines, start reading a bunch of stories, though I usually only make it a few paragraphs in, and it either catches my interest or bores me. There are a few very interesting stories today, though.]
10:35 Twitter (I get most of my news headlines on twitter, by the way.)