Course Outline


The purpose of the course is to allow students to explore the changing world of media, and at the same time to allow them to publish work in new media formats.

Classes will combine lectures and student presentations and discussions.  Students must post comments and responses to the work of the contributors to the blog.

The Blog

At the beginning of the course, each student will become a member of a class group blog. Each member of the group blog will publish a weekly assignments on the web throughout the semester. The weekly assignments will consist primarily of discussions and reviews of online and new media organizations and projects.

The weekly assignments should be 250-500 words, and should include a link or links to online sources. All posts to the blog must be carefully proofread. All discussions on the blog site must be respectful.

Final Project

Each student will complete a new media research project at the end of the semester.

The final assignment for the course will be to define Reporting 2.0. How is the internet changing what journalists do, their role in open and closed societies? What are the positives and negatives of the changing world of journalism? What will the future look like? What kind of economic model is possible to make journalism a viable business? What is the future of newspapers? Television news? Radio news?

The final assignment should be about 2000 words.


Students will be evaluated on weekly assignments, participation (in class and online) and a final project. Weekly assignments: 50 per cent; Participation: 25 per cent; Final project: 25 per cent.

Attendance and Deadlines

Attendance is mandatory. I will be taking attendance to determine a participation grade. Participation will also be evaluated by contributions to discussions, either in class or online.

Weekly assignments are due before class Wednesday morning. I will not be grading each posting on the web, but I will calculate midterm grades. If a posting is made after the deadline, it will not count for evaluation. Deadlines are firm. If you have a reason you can’t make a deadline or must miss class, please contact me before the class or deadline in question.

Office Hours

My office is in McCain Hall, 403. I will have office hours Wednesday afternoons 2-4 p.m., or by appointment or chance. My e-mail is I welcome visits and interaction with students outside the class.


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